Ancient Red Dragon, one of the very few ever known to return from the Core


Ancient and terrible, caring only for those interests of dragon-kind, Volcaryn is oft called “The Red Death” by those who are unfortunate enough to cross his path.

It is unknown exactly how old Volcaryn is, or what importance he plays to dragon-kind, but it is generally accepted that he is the leader or representative of all dragon-kind. This remains to be proven, as contacts with the dragons are very rarely anything other than violent. However, as far as the most wise of scholars can tell, Volcaryn is the only known dragon to return from the Core migration. Dracologists abound, both those who augment their abilities with magic and technology, have yet to give any reason for this.

The ancient red has a habit of confronting those who wield power, and once confronted, those individuals are never seen again. Death is the conclusion many give to the fates of those who encounter the dragon, yet nothing has ever remained of those who disappear. Regardless, it is said that the best course of action to avoid finding out for yourself!

There are some out there of considerable reputation that claim to have insight to the workings of Volcaryn, and there is a reason he continues to return from the Core, citing knowledge of events going on that most would dismiss as nonsense. Volcaryn, of course, has nothing to say on the matter.


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