Emperor-King Ducaine Lorheim

The ruler of Ecclesia, Dwarven leader of the biggest faction of humans and dwarves


A person of undeniable charisma, Emperor-King Lorheim (who prefers by all to be simply called Ducaine) is a dwarven prodigy and the leader of Ecclesia, the biggest nation on the surface of Atharos.

Ducaine was born into dwarven royalty from the reputable Mount Karakzakan, the same place where the first Windship prototype was created and tested. He participated in this project both financially and physically, solving issues perplexing the finest human and dwarven engineers to allow the Windship to navigate in any direction despite the perpetual westward winds of Atharos. This achievement brought him much glory and fame, and was instrumental into what Ducaine is really known for: creating the human-dwarven collective of Ecclesia.

Before the invention of the windship, humans and dwarves enjoyed a distinctly separate but peaceful relationship with each other. Dwarven kingship was dependent upon which citadel observed the lands, while the empire of man was ruled by Emperor Vigaso. Both races aspired to have the best engineers, a decades-long feud around technological advancement. Vigaso, a harsh critic of magic, did well to encourage all nobles of human descent to invest what they could to outshine dwarven craftsmanship. The irony of the situation was many humans learned from the dwarves, and vise versa. So, despite the ramblings of Vigaso to do better than the dwarves, the reality was that humans were already comfortable working with the dwarves. In fact, the Windship was a collaborative project born upon dwarven stability and human ingenuity. Nevertheless, Vigaso held his competitive attitude until the very end of his days.

Around 1500 rotations ago, one of the largest known migrations of dragons to the Core resulted in Vigaso’s demise. As typical during any Core migration, the accuracy of information is low due to the chaos and violence caused by the dragons. However, the official cause of death for Vigaso has been cataloged as heroic, battling and slaying many marauding dragons from the highest point of his fortress until he was felled by an ancient Red called Volcaryn, mightiest of his kind. This left a power vacuum within the human empire, and would have certainly lead to civil war if not for the Windship project’s completion.

With both the best human and dwarven engineers on his side, Ducaine personally piloted the first (and currently biggest) Windship, the Hammer of Karakzakan, across the lands, showing all that the unstoppable Core migrations of dragons would no longer endanger civilizations that accepted protection from Mount Karakzakan. Seeing this union of races accomplishing that which many never dreamed possible, almost every noble human declared allegiance to Ducaine, creating the grassroots movement to combine the many dwarven kingdoms and splintered human empires into one faction: Ecclesia.

Now, moving to the current times, the Hammer of Karakzakan symbolizes the united nation, now the permanent residence of Ducaine himself. This allows him to traverse the huge lands to win over the hearts of his citizenry, as well as bolster the Windship project by funding and providing manpower for additional fleets across the lands. Ducaine is largely viewed as the savior of the civilized world, with grit determination and mighty ambitions that propel Ecclesia ever closer to understanding the world that they live in. By his hand, Ecclesia first discovered the concave nature of Antharos, and is the first among any humans or dwarves known to actually have seen the Core with his own eyes, albeit from a distance.

Emperor-King Ducaine Lorheim

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